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Baby Names and Gemstones – Ruby

roof-lantern-agate-earringsNaming a baby after a gemstone is an original and sweet thing. Normally, parents who choose this kind of name think of the most precious, beautiful and expensive gem to call their baby, and if we think of Ruby well, this one ticks all the boxes. Coming from the Latin word ‘ruber’, which means red, this name stands for an exquisite gem of blood-red color that is a delight for any jewelry lover.

Ruby – a Dazzling Gem

The ruby is a red variety of the mineral called Corundum (known also for its other precious variety – the sapphire). It is famous for its vibrant shade of red that can get dark brown sometimes, and it is the second hardest gemstone after the diamond. Rubies are rarely found in transparent form and large size, and they can be heat treated in order to improve their color and become more transparent.

Some of the biggest ruby deposits are to be found in Madagascar, but also in Tanzania, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India and Nepal.  The price of this beautiful stone is determined by color (the most expensive hue is the ‘pigeon blood-red’), transparency (the clearer, the more valuable), carats and cut.

Popularity of the Name Ruby

Like many other gemstone baby names, Ruby was extremely popular in the last part of the Victorian age but it is still popular today in English-speaking countries, especially the U.K.  Statistics showed that it was the second most popular baby girl name in 2009 in England and Wales. Australia and New Zealand are other two countries were Ruby has been in the top five most popular girl names in the past years.

Ruby was never a common name for baby boys, but it can occur as a nickname for the male name Reuben.

As Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July, this could be a great choice for the little girls born in this summer month.

Ruby is a Fantastic Option

Rubies have strong meanings such as peace, tranquillity, protection, love and friendship. Any girl called Ruby is said to ooze self-confidence and vitality so, this precious name is one great option for a  baby girl.

Ruby is associated with passion and beauty. Which greater symbols for can be used for a lady’s name?

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